Designed for versatility.

Versatility is the underpinning of all of our designs. We didn’t want to provide another piece of south asian clothing that is only worn once, then never again. We didn’t want to follow the ever changing trends and contribute to the immense amount of clothing already in our landfills. So, we set out to be more careful in our designs by meshing our culture and our modern everyday world, bringing to life our collections today. Our designs are made to be mixed and matched with clothing you already own. Our designs are made to stand the test of time.

Ethically and locally produced.

All of our garments are either made in Toronto or London, Ontario, Canada, by hand and with love. Our artisan seamstresses were paid according to their standards, working from home in safe and healthy working environments above and beyond what is mandated by the provincial and federal requirements.

Minimizing and upcycling fabric waste.

All of our fabrics are bought in small batches to ensure that we are not over-producing garments or over-consuming resources. Further, by operating on a made to order model, we only sew fabric when necessary.

Our fabric off-cuts will be used to create small accessories (coming soon). 26% of our launch collection is made using upcycled and deadstock fabrics. We hope to up this number to at least 50% in our upcoming upcycled patchwork line!

Ecofriendly fabrics and materials.

What percentage of our fabrics come from recycled sources, reused components, and/or certified sustainably sourced materials? 100% - and yes, we can provide proof of this. Contact us here if you’re interested in knowing more! Want to know more about the materials we’re using (e.g. Tencel™, EcoVero™, linen, deadstock, etc.)? Follow us on Instagram, @jeobyindra, where we talk about these and more extensively, or check out our blog on environmentally friendly fabrics and materials here.

All of our orders are shipped in Forest Stewardship Council (fsc) certified kraft boxes that are biodegradable and recyclable across the globe. All garments are carefully wrapped in fsc certified post-consumer recycled kraft paper for protection during shipping (also biodegradable and recyclable across the globe). We are currently looking for biodegradable and globally recyclable alternatives to our shipping label - please let us know if have any suggestions here!

Environmental conservation.

Jeo was founded on the philosophy of putting earth-first. We have committed to ONLY using materials that are verified to conserve resources including but not limited to energy, water, and fabric waste. Jeo has also pledged to preserve the well being of the animals and lands on which our fabrics are produced by rejecting toxic dye use and opting for plant-based dyes and organic certified fabrics.

Another way Jeo aims to conserve our earth is by educating our community on our blog and social media by providing up-to-date research and statistics that provide crucial information that is aimed to aid in informing about and solving the climate crisis.

To dos.

We aren’t perfect! As a small business, we’re doing our best to be 100% sustainable - this comes with several ecofriendly and ethical considerations. We are meeting with advisors and reading documents to make us better everyday. Here are some of our short and long term goals:

  1. Implementing a buy-back program. We don’t want our garments to EVER see the landfill. We’re hoping to set-up a buy-back program ASAP to keep our garments in circulation.
  2. Currently, we operate from home offices. By April 2022, we aim to offset these carbon emissions.
  3. Our carbon emissions associated with shipping also need to be offset by April 2022. Based on recommendations by the David Suzuki Foundation, we’re hoping to partner with less™ to commit to Gold Standard-Certified International Offsets.
  4. We look forward to partnering with Climate Neutral in 2022 to better calculate our climate emissions and become a certified carbon NEGATIVE brand across ALL of our operations.
  5. Going beyond. We hope to partner with non-profit organizations to support environmental efforts on land, in the ocean and the sky by profit donation chosen by YOU! We aim to work this into the checkout page on our website by August 2022.

Support us and look for updates regarding our goals on our Instagram, @jeobyindra!